About Me

Hello, I am Michael the creator of My Retro Watches YouTube Channel and Retro & Vintage Watches and Restorations Facebook Group.

I live in Coventry England and have been into watch restoration since 2016. I am a completely self taught hobbyist.  I started on case restoration by hand as  I have knowledge of abrasives from my day job so thought I would try my hand at it to “improve” some of my old Seiko watches.

After around a year of this I was becoming more intrigued by watch mechanics.  With my growing collection finding people willing to service my watches was difficult and expensive.   I was a very active member on Wrist Sushi web forum and was persuaded and encouraged by some friends on there to try my hand at dismantling a watch. I took a Seiko 6119 for my first attempt.  Over 2-3 days in  my spare time I was able to dismantle and assemble the movement and to my surprise it actually ran!

The feeling of fixing this watch by my own hand was amazing and is something I have been addicted to ever since.  I still have this watch in my collection as a moment of where it all began.  See here.Seiko-6119-5431

The rest as they say is history!

My goal is to help and inspire others into this hobby using all the social media platforms I can. Video tutorials and restorations on my channel are my main focus in this endeavour.  I am continually learning as a go. 

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E-mail: mailto:michael@myretrowatches.com