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On this page you will find a list of many of the consumables and equipment I use in my watchmaking and case restoration. Most of which you will see me use in my YouTube videos.

If you are just starting out on your watchmaking / tinkering  journey it is important to buy the right tools from the beginning.  As the saying goes, buy cheap buy twice.  I have learnt this lesson the hard way too.  I know we are all on a budget and that starting out it can seem quite daunting because you need quite a few basics.  Here I have compiled a list of tools that I recommend purchasing.  Most of the tools on this page I own and use personally which is why I would recommend. For the ones I do not own I have selected carefully based on my experience of value for money.

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I do earn a commission for any qualifying purchases made. Thank you.


The Watch Repairers Manual

This is a book that I highly recommend for anyone in this hobby. Written many years ago by an accomplished American watchmaker Henry Fried. This was written for professionals and students alike and covers just about everything! If you are just starting out you might find some of it daunting but rest assured you learn by doing in this hobby so over time the book will make sense.

Amazon Link:

Bergeon Movement Holder 4040

Bergeon is the name you can trust in watchmaking tools. This movement holder is widely used by watchmakers and hobbyists alike.  It is important to have a good quality movement holder to avoid mishaps in clamping or the movement moving whist working on it.  The Bergeon 4040 will fit movements from 22 – 47mm (7/8″ x 1.580″)  in diameter. Simple yet well built this tool will be the workhorse of your bench. 

Amazon Link:

Budget Holder (Amazon):

eBay Link: Bergeon Holder


Bergeon 6767-SF Springbar Tool

Another essential tool and one that you should not scrimp on quality. I have learnt the hard way that cheap springbar tools just don’t last. This Bergeon tool is excellent as the ends are made from good quality steel so they stand up to the job better.  What is also a great feature is that the ends are interchangeable and replaceable. Damage an end and it costs little to replace.  This one is the fine ended one, there is also a wider ended version but I just recommend buying that attachment separately. Links are below.

(Amazon Link)

Spare Ends (Amazon) Link: Bergeon Spring bar Tool Link: Bergeon Spring bar tool


Having good magnification to work on watches is essential, loupes and eye glasses are great and service their purpose but I found that this very optivisor to be the best all rounder.  The biggest benefit to this is that by wearing it you have both hands free which is really important.  This comes with a powerful led light on the top which you can direct to what you are working on. Detachable lenses make it very useful for most areas of work. This is affordable and in my opinion essential, you will also end up using it for many other non watchmaking tasks! 

Amazon: Link: Optivisor Link: Optivisor


Bergeon Loupe Holder

This is a loupe wire for your eye loupes. I use this one and find it very comfortable combined with my Bergeon and other loupes.


ebay – Europe Bergeon Loupe Holderba Link Bergeon Loupe Holder

Bergeon Eye Loupes

Highly recommend these Bergeon Loupes as I have used them personally for a long time. Good clear optics and the cut out is to help with anti fogging which can happen with normal loupes in extended usage. Ideal with the loupe holder above for total comfort. You get what you pay for with optics.

Amazon Links

x2.8 mag

x5 mag

x12 mag (No Cutout)

eBay Links 

2.8 mag Bergeon 2.8

x5 Mag Bergeon x5

x12 Mag (not cutout) Bergeon x12

Bergeon Screwdriver Set

It is very important to use good quality tools and especially screwdrivers. Why? well let me tell you.  Good screwdrivers mean more control and less slipping on screw heads which is not desirable as you can scratch your movement or worse slip and damage the hair spring!  Bergeon are some of the best in the business, yes they are pricey but you will only ever have to buy once.  You can also buy replacement heads and a sharpening tool if you so desire.  I highly recommend this brand.

Amazon Link: Link: Bergeon Screwdriver Set Link: Bergeon Screwdriver Set

Beginner Tweezers Set

You have to start somewhere right?  I started out with a similar set of tweezers to these. Whilst I would always recommend buying the best you can afford if you are just starting out sets like these I believe are sufficient to get you started. You can pay big money for tweezers but if you start with a budget set you figure out which shape and feel you like best, you can then upgrade to a higher quality for more precision.  I only use 2 types.

Amazon Link: Link:tweezer Set Link: Tweezer Set


Brass Tweezers

Brass tweezers are really important for certain applications.  As brass is softer than steel you are less likely to scratch components through poor handling.  I use brass for the installation of balance bridges and train wheel bridges where scratching could look unsightly and not desirable.   Just remember that brass is soft so these tweezers can bend easily.

Amazon Link: Link:Brass Tweezers Link:Brass Tweezers

Dumont Tweezers

Dumont brand is in my opinion the best in the business.  They are expensive but you get quality for the money you spend.  These are fine ended tweezers that are long 130mm which I actually prefer.  They have a coating which prevents static so if you are working on a digital this is important.

Amazon Link:

eBay Link:Dumont ESD Tweezers

Dumont Tweezer

Dumont are an excellent brand.  You get what you pay for and I can assure you these are high quality and will last you a long time. Always take care of the ends and try not to drop them.   These are a good all rounder tweezer that will quickly become your best friend.  Quality tweezers reduce the amount of “ping” moments so are a worthy investment.

Amazon Link:

eBay Link Dumont Tweezer


Every watch tinkerer / watchmaker has this and it is a necessity. This has 100’s of uses from picking up small or sensitive parts to wiping up oil, removing dust and fingerprints.  I use it allot on dials to remove dust particles before replacing back into the watch case.  

Amazon Link: Link: Rodico Link: Rodico

Rodico Premium

Rodico Premium is the Rodico I personally use the most. I do own both but I find the premium more sticky. This is good on removing dust and lint from dials and crystals.

I also own the green version and find that is good in other ways. Ideal to own both in my opinion.

Amazon Link: Link: Link:

Watch Hand Remover

This tool speaks for itself really, removes the hands off a watch with relative ease. You should always use some thin plastic or paper between the tool and the watch dial to protect it. You can purchase proper shims to do this but I cannot find a link for them.  Tool is simple and effective at a very affordable price indeed.

Amazon Link: Link: Presto Tool Link: Presto Tool


Hand Pusher

To accompany the hand removing tool it is best to have a tool that you use to place the hands back onto the movement. This tool again is simple and effective. The skill is lining the hands in position on the watch. This tool you just use to gently push onto the watch. It can be used on both ends depending on what size you need for the watch / clock you are working on.  Inexpensive and a great necessity in your toolbox. 

Amazon Link: Link: Hand Pusher Set Link: Hand Pusher Set


Caseback Opening Kit

This great little kit comes with all the tools  you need to open most watch casebacks. The knife is useful for non screwed backs but remember always to open very carefully as one slip and you could quite easily damage the coil or other components. I have seen many a broken watch because of this.  There is a watch case holder that with arrangement of pins can fit most watches unless extremely large. These are useful because allot of screwbacked watches can be very tight so using the vice gives you more control and better purchase on the caseback for removal with the remaining caseback tool in this kit. 

Amazon Link: link Caseback set Link Case opener


Watch Press Set

You can’t go wrong with a basic set like this and to be honest as much as I upgraded to a “better” press I still come back to this one allot as I have a better and more controlled feel of the pressure I am using. This kit comes with a set of nylon dies that are reversible meaning they have two sizes to each die.  You can use these for pressure fit watch crystals, pressure or click fit casebacks and bezels plus inner rings that hold some crystals in place from inside the watch case.  If your on a budget or just starting out I highly recommend something like this.

Amazon Link: Link: Watch press Link: watch Press


Turn Screw Watch Press

This is another type of watch press. These are very good for fitting friction fit mineral crystals to watches.  The pressure is applied evenly to ensure a precise fit. 

Amazon Link: Link: Screw Down Watch Press Link: Screw Down Watch Press

AliExpress link :

Heavy Duty Caseback Opener

This is a great tool to open the most stubborn screw down casebacks. Also good for refitting especially for diver watches to assure water resistance.

Amazon Link:

AliExpress (Much cheaper):

Watch Press

This set seems to be only available on AliExress but it offers a comprehensive range of dies. It looks like a direct copy of a well known brand that I use personally

AliExpress Link:

Crystal Lift

A nifty little tool for removing acrylic watch crystals that are for watches where the movement comes out of the dial side. A daunting tool at first as you will think you will break the crystal but you won’t. The crystal has to be domed and acrylic and should drop right out with minimal effort. You also use the tool to refit the crystal.


Amazon Link:

Mainspring Winders

This is a cheaper alternative mainspring winder set that I have no experience with but I have read the reviews and it seems they work okay. They have steel arbours / winders which you need. Some cheaper alternatives apparently have brass arbours which will wear very quickly.



Another important tool, a dust blower.  When working on watches dust, hair and other particles are your enemy as these can settle into your clean movement and ruin all your hard work. using one of these you can at least lessen the risk of settlement in your movement.  A cheap tool but one you would use at every bench visit. 

Amazon Link: Link: Dust Blower Link Dust Blower


Fibreglass Pen

These pens are made from fine fibreglass strands and are mildly abrasive. I use these solely for cleaning circuit boards on LCD / Digital watches. I dip the pen in alcohol and rub on the board.  The do leave lots of fibres which do need to be cleaned off afterwards.   Again a very useful tool!

Amazon Link: Link: Fibreglass Pen Link Fibreglass Pen


Movement Cushion

We all need one of these and I use this very one. 75mm in diameter and ideal when looking at a movement or removing / casing the movement.

Amazon Link: Link Movement Cushion Link Movement Cushion

AliExpress (leather ones) 

Brass Baskets 

These little brass baskets are ideal for cleaning all your small components in the ultrasonic so they don’t get lost.  Ideal for train wheels, pallet forks, jewels and chatons.  If your working on digital watches these are excellent for pushers and crowns.   So wide range of uses at a good price with a product that is very durable. 

Amazon Link: Link:Brass Baskets Link: Brass Baskets

Ultrasonic baskets 

These are very good baskets for ultrasonic cleaning, as they have a flat base they sit nicely and do not roll around. Also makes it convenient for when loading and unloading your parts. I use these for train wheels and screws whereas the brass ones I will use for watch crowns and stems etc. 

Amazon Link: Link: Ultrasonic Baskets Link: Ultrasonic Baskets

Sliding Pin Vice

These pin vices are very handy to hold screws, stems or wheel axles etc.  because of the way you slide to tighten the grip it makes them easy to use in some of the tricky situations you can find yourself in where a twist chuck type will not be appropriate.   You can buy some very well made ones of these but these budget versions are a great alternative that will not hurt the pocket. Link: Link Link: Sliding Pin Vice Link: Pin Vice Set

Small Jars

These jars are very useful for washing parts in cleaning fluid like the IPA alcohol or Essence of Renata what are lower down on this page.  These cleaning liquids are expensive and evaporate quickly. Using jars like this keeps your usage to a minimum and because they are air tight you can store the liquid for more than one use. 

Amazon Link: Link: Small Jars Link: Small Jars

Eclipse Pin Vice Set

Eclipse pin vice are the best out there in my opinion, I have tried the very cheap ones on eBay but they just dont do the job as well as these.  Ideal for crown and stem work or for holding barrel arbours to fit. I also use them to hold digital watch pushers when I polish them.  Many uses for these useful tools. 

Amazon Link: Link: Pin Vice Set link (non eclipse) Pin Vice Set

Neodymium Magnet 

Neodymium magnets are super strong! this one is 60mm in diameter.  A magnet is ideal for finding lost screws and other components that may have gone flying off your tweezers! Save your knees and get one of these…. 

Amazon Link: Link: Neodymium Magnet Link Magnet

Finger Cots 

These are essential! not important when stripping a watch movement down before cleaning but when you are rebuilding or just working on your watches these finger cots will prevent contamination of the parts with your own natural oils that can mark with finger prints which given time will turn to rust.  It is good practice to use these when working on watch movements. 

Amazon Link: Link: Finger Cots link: Finger Cots

Watch Movement Cover & Tray 

Really useful for working on both mechanical and digital watches.  Speaks for itself really keep your parts handy and dust free while storing or working on your watch. 

Amazon Link: link: Dust Tray Link: Dust Tray



Storage Pots 

These little plastic screw top pots are ideal to store parts in.  I keep spare parts, screws gaskets and all kinds in these type of jars.  Very useful. 

Amazon Link: Containers Containers


This wood is used in the industry for cleaning parts, great for hard to reach places or old dried on oil . Has many uses and can be cut or sharpened easily. I actually use a pencil sharpener to make a point on this.

Amazon Link: link: Pegwood Link: Pegwood

Bergeon Sticky Ball

This is a great product. It is a little rubber ball that you have to pump up (on arrival) and you use it for opening casebacks on watches. The grip you get is amazing and this has opened backs that I have been unable to do by more conventional tools. Also good to put them back on too!

Amazon Link

eBay Link: Link:

Watch Oilers 

If you are going to service a watch and learn how to oil the parts you will need a set of oilers.  Bergeon oilers are from a brand you can trust.  They may be more pricey but the quality is to be seen giving them longer life. This is a good set and all you will really need. 

Amazon Link: Link: Bergeon oiler set Link: Bergeon Oiler Set

Moebius 8000

This is a basic watch oil, if you are just starting out in the hobby and don’t want to spend a fortune on watch oils then this is the solution to this. When I started all I used was this oil on practically every part that needed it. The only difference is its not synthetic so in theory your watch would need servicing sooner.  To get you up and running this is a good oil to start with, Moebius is a top brand and this one very affordable. 

Amazon Link: Link: Moebius 8000 Link: Moebius 8000

Moebius 9010 

This is the oil most watchmakers and hobbyists alike use (I also use this). Its a synthetic oil and used for pivots, jewels and most friction areas. If there is one oil that is a must it is this one.  Remember that less is more when it comes to oiling.  One bottle of this will last you years.  

Amazon Link: link: Moebius 9010 Link: Moebius 9010

Moebius D5 

Moebius D5 oil is thicker than the 9010 and used on high friction parts, keyless works & cannon pinion. I use is on my barrel arbours and reduction wheel pivots.  Again like all things watchmaking this stuff is pricey. I have known people to buy a bottle and separate into smaller bottles and sell some to regain some of the outlay. 

Amazon Link: Link: Moebius D5 Link: Moebius D5

Molykote DX

This is a affordable grease that you can use in keyless works and any high friction area. Its not watch specific but if you are on a budget this will do the job. I have personally use this in many watches and videos. One tube will last you forever!

Amazon Link:

Watch Oil Holder

This is a complete oil holder for your bench. Its a 4 or a 5 oil pot stand complete with lids to keep out contamination.

Amazon Link: Link Watch Oil Holder Link:


Dial Protector

You use these dial protectors when you want to remove hands safely from a watch so you don’t scratch the dial. Thin enough to slip under most hands this is something that is well worth the small price. You only have to scratch one dial to know how important these are (I speak from experience)

Amazon Link: Link: Bergeon Dial Protector Link: Bergeon Dial Protector

Spring Bar Set 

I use this set personally, a good size range of assorted springbars.  I have not had one failure with these although I ran out of the popular sizes due to the amount of projects I do!  for the money they are well worth having.

Amazon Link: Link: Springbar Set Link: Springbar Set


Horotec Hand Levers 

Here is a set of hand levers if you prefer to remove hands with this tool. I have a set and sometimes use them on hands that seem stubborn to my other hand removing tool.  Of course you can find other uses for these too like removing batteries from quartz watches for instance.

Amazon Link: Link: Horotec Hand Levers Link: Hand Levers

Bergeon Case Knife

The motto of buy cheap buy twice is so true with this item.  I have bought many of the £3 case knives over the years and they just don’t stand up to the test as the metal is just too soft against stainless steel watch cases.  The Bergeon knife is so much more superior, made of hardened steel you can instantly tell the difference.   Buy one of these and it will last you your lifetime. 


Link (Worldwide) Link: Bergeon Caseback Knife Link Bergeon Case Knife

Bergeon Dial Cleaner

This tool is essential in my opinion. It is very similar to a tool you can buy for a camera but the Bergeon one has smaller and replaceable cleaning end.

I have found these exceptional at cleaning and polishing hands and indices on vintage watches. It does not scratch and seems to clean well. Can be used safely on dials (if clean) and crystals.

Watch Screw Extractor

Every now and then you will come across a sheered headed screw in a watch. It can be heart-breaking but this tool is your get out of jail free card!


Screwdriver Set with Stand

If you are on a budget then this is a good set to get you started, When I began I didn’t have a rotating stand but longed for one but they only came with higher end screwdriver sets that I could not justify purchasing at the time.  The joy with screwdrivers is you can always buy new blades and actually better quality ones will fit so you can have the best of both worlds.

Amazon link (worldwide) Link: Screwdriver Set Link: Screwdriver Set


Tweezer Stand

A nice addition to the bench okay its advertised for eye lashes but our tweezers should fit.

Amazon Link: Link Tweez

er Stand


Small Tool Holder

If I had not made my own I would buy this. Perfect to keep your tools within reach but tidy at the same time. Link Small Tool Holder

Luminous Powder

This is the lume powder I use for all my watch hands and dials .  It is very affordable and has a extremely bright lume. All you need is a binder and perhaps some thinners to mix up the right consistency to apply this.  I have done a video (Here How to lume watch hands )  as a guide. 

eBay Link:  Luminous Powder

Luminous Kit

This is a full lume kit by the same seller as the powder that I recommend.  The link is for a white lume kit however he does list other colours such as green etc.  This is a good kit for the price. Bergeon by comparison is £40!

eBay Link: Lume Kit

Bergeon Bench Mat

All work benches need one of these. An anti slip & anti static Bergeon matt. Classic watchmakers green colour. Stays flat on your bench.

Amazon Link:

eBay link:  Bergeon Bench Mat Bergeon Bench Mat



Timegrapher 1000

This machine is used to set the accuracy of a watch movement. An excellent purchase for anyone in the hobby or a collector of watches that wants to check / set their watches timekeeping.  In basic terms this machine listens to the watches tick tock and calculates that accuracy and displays on a graph in the display by ways of +/- seconds per day how much the timing is fast or slow.  Amplitude which is the degrees of travel the balance spins showing how healthy the movement is.  It then shows Beat error which is the minute  (small) difference the impulse jewel on the balance is lined up with the pallet fork.  These tiny differences add up when its beating for instance at 18,000 beats per hour.  A well worth investment on an item that will hold its value on the second hand market too. 

Amazon Link: Link Timegrapher 1000 Link: Timegrapher 1000


Timegrapher 1900

Here we have the more improved version of the timegrapher.  It does exactly the same as the 1000 but with a larger and more colourful display. There are also more software enhancements, you can manually set the beat whereas the 1000 has “Auto” or some pre-sets.  Therefore this is a better machine than the 1000 hence the higher price.  One day I will upgrade to the 1900.

Amazon Link: Link: 1900 Timegrapher Link: Timegrapher 1900


Ultrasonic Cleaner 

I can highly recommend this ultrasonic cleaner as it is one I use myself in my watch part cleaning. I have actually done a video of this machine also which you can watch here: Ultrasonic Review 

What is good about this machine is that it has a long and adjustable heater and timer.  I have used cheaper ones but they just don’t last or have the features this one brings.  This is also available in a larger 3 litre capacity. 

Amazon Link 2 LR

Amazon Link 3LR Link: Ultrasonic Cleaners all sizes Link: Ultrasonic Cleaner

AliExpress All sizes:

AmScope SE306R-P Microscope

This is the microscope I use and I can say that it opens up a whole another level to your watch tinkering / watchmaking!  things you thought were clean before a scope soon show that they require more work.  This also make oiling easier and placement of critical parts like the pallet fork significantly easier.   Scope comes with a down-light and if you remove the disc an up-light (which I don’t use for watchmaking but its good for kids to look at leaves etc)  magnification is x20 or x40 but you will spend most of your time in x20. I cannot recommend this scope (or other variants on this page) enough! 

Amazon Link: Link:Microscope Link: Microscope

Boom Arm AmScope

If I was to upgrade my scope this is what it would be to. Reason is simple, it has the main features you need as the AM306  which is x20 magnification and a light however due to the boom arm you have more depth to work in meaning you can work under this more than the other, tightening screws etc will be allot easier.  In hindsight if I had seen this model before buying mine this would have been the one I would have gone for. If you are considering a microscope for watchmaking then paying the extra money for this one would be a wise decision. 

Amazon Link:

eBay Link: Boom Arm Scope

AmScope with Camera

This is an interesting microscope as it is the same as the first one only with an addition of a USB camera (can be removed) Ideal if you want to film your work for your records, or social media to show a problem or a solution.  I film allot for my YouTube channel however I use a holder for my mobile phone which I will also link to on this page. 

Amazon Link:

eBay Link: Microscope with Camera

Phone Holder for Microscope

This is a simple holder I use on my scope when I want to film or take photos,  can be a bit fiddly to get it set right but it becomes very useful if you want to share your work or photos for questions on social media, watch forums or other communities.  A nice investment if you don’t want to spend what a USB camera would cost. 

Amazon Link: Link Scope Adaptor

AmScope USB Camera 

This item speaks for itself. Its the official camera for the microscopes on this page.  I have no personal experience with this item however it does get some good reviews on Amazon and the internet.  

Other resolutions are available at a higher price. 

Amazon Link:

Andonstar Digital Microscope

This is a great digital scope and one that I use personally and have also reviewed on my channel which you can watch here: Andonstar Review

This is a versatile scope that you can record video footage and take photos which can be useful. Good magnification and two led lights and a remote control which you will use trust me! There are 3 version of this starting with the cheapest. The screen sizes increase with each model.

Amazon Link – AD206

AliExpress Link AD206

Amazon Link – AD407 (7″)

AliExpress Link AD407

Amazon Link: AD409 (9″)

AliExpress Link AD409

Watch Waterproof Tester

This is the tool that you use to check if your watch is waterproof. Also you can check now good your service has been. I really must get one of these but with the type of vintage watches I work on I would never want to guarantee water resistance!



Caseback Opener Heavy Duty

Every now and then you will encounter a screwdown caseback that refuses to open. Usually its been closed for decades or a bit of corrosion has made it impossible to open. This tool is the answer, I have a vintage version and its amazing just how much easier it makes opening casebacks. Its also important to close dive watches with one of these to keep the water resistance in tolerance.



This little device is another essential tool if you are wanting to work on mechanical watches.  This will demagnetise your screw drivers, tools and most importantly your watch parts!  I have found many part on a watch I am servicing magnetised which will make the watch run poorly and generally out of time. Also hair springs are susceptible to magnetism so it is good practice to demag most / all of your parts as part of the service regime. 

Amazon Link : Link:Demagnetizer Link: Demagnetizer

Budget Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you want to just clean your bracelets, household items or your first watch movement then this is good for occasional use. I had one of these to start with but due to my increasing needs I upgraded.  It is a decent cleaner for the price and I have also done a review of this one that can be found here: Ultrasonic Review

Amazon Link: Link: Ultrasonic Cleaner Link Ultrasonic Cleaner

Balance Tack

Just the tool to keep your balance safe while you work on your watch. I also leave balances on this to dry after cleaning.

Amazon Link: Link Balance Tack Balance Tack

Watch Box 

I have quite a few of these 24 grid boxes. Great for your collection, trust me it does not take long to fill them! 

Amazon Link: Link – 6 to 24 slot boxes!: Watch Boxes Link 6 to 24 slot boxes: Watch Boxes

Rotary Tool

This is a very versatile tool to use in combination to some of the products I highlight in the consumables section of this page.  I have used this very same tool for years for some of my case finishing and polishing.  With the right attachments this can work very well indeed. it has varied speed settings and comes with quite a few tools that can be very useful. There is also a link on this page to a clamp you can use for this tool on your workbench. 

Amazon Link: Link: Rotary Tool Link: Rotary Tool

Tool Clamp 

This is the tool clamp for the rotary tool, can be useful for other tools such as a drill for other non related watch tasks. 

Amazon Link: Link Clamp

Desk Lamp

Good lighting is very important when working on watches. This light is the best I can find for a realistic price offers good lighting and adjustable to how you like it.   Remember lighting makes the work easier! 

Amazon Link: Link Desk Lamp Link Desk Lamp

Bench Lamp & Magnifier 

Two items for the price of one!  not only gives you good directed light but x5 magnification also.  

Amazon Link: Link Desk Magnifying lamp


Essence Of Renata

This product is designed to clean and decrease hair springs however I use it to wash practically every part as is does an excellent job of cleaning old hard grease. Only use on metal parts as it can strip plating & Paint. It is quite pricey for the size however use sparingly and with the jars I list above to maximise the longevity of the product. 

Amazon Link: Link: Renata

IPA Isopropanol Alcohol

Another necessity,  I use this on watch parts after using the Renata as the alcohol will leave a clear shiny finish so is the last wash.  I also use it allot on circuit boards in modules of digital watches combined with the fibreglass brush listed above.  Good all round product to have near your workbench. 

Amazon Link: Link 1 ltr: 99.9% IPA Link: IPA Alcohol


This cleaner is designed for an ultrasonic that is a totally natural product. It does a great job of removing grease, dirt and grime and in some instances rust too.  Like the Renata you have to be careful to mix weak, to strong and it will strip plating off.  I use this product only to clean watch cases and bracelets that are normally solid stainless steel.  You will not believe the colour of the water after a 20 minute hot wash on a 30 year old watch bracelet.

Amazon Link: Link: SeaClean

High Temperature Heat Resistant Tape

This tape is extremely good if you want to do any polishing to watch cases.  Use this to protect areas that you don’t want to polish or for protecting edges so you don’t over polish and round them off.  Tape has very high heat resistance so will hold in place when you need it to. Also very adhesive which it needs to be.  

Amazon Link: Link Kapton Tape Link Kapton Tape

Assorted Wet & Dry Paper 

This is a very comprehensive pack of wet & dry paper from 120 -3000 grit which is more than I actually have! granted these are narrower strips but a little goes a long way with this product. 

Amazon Link: Link Mirka Wet & Dry Link Wet & Dry paper

Mirka Hand Pads 

This product is the same type of material as Scotchbite which is a trade name for the 3M product.  I only ever use Mirka as its affordable and of high quality.  I work in the abrasives industry so can assure you this is good stuff. 

The Maroon is very fine and the grey is ultra fine.  Really good for brushed finishing, see some of my YouTube videos on case restorations to see it in action.

Amazon Link Maroon:  Maroon Pads Link Maroon Grey Pads Link Grey

Diamond Lapping Paste

This paste has fine diamond particles within a compound.  from 0.5 – 10 micron ( 0.005mm – 0.010mm ) this is ideal on watch cases and crystals.  I use it allot on acrylic crystals. It will make inroads on hardened glass crystals but it is hard work on glass like any product would be. 

Amazon Link: LinkDiamond Paste Link Diamond Paste


This is a fantastic product for removing all scratches from acrylic crystals, most watches before 1970 were acrylic so any of your vintage watches this stuff will make your crystals look like new!  use the paste with some cotton wool and a bit of effort on your part.  results in a matter of minutes!

Amazon Link: Link Polywatch Link Polywatch

Menzerna Polishing Kit

Menzerna is the polishing compound I use and would not use anything else now. Here is a little kit that you can use on a drill setup. Link menzerna Polishing Kit

Dialux Compound 

Dialux is a polishing compound that you can use on watch cases and bracelets to improve and brighten the finish. There are many colours each doing a different job. I have listed a few of the main ones here. 

Green  Compound recommended for bright polishing of hard alloys such as platinum,

white gold, chrome, chrome cobalt and stainless steel. Ideal with a soft attachment, cotton mop. 

Amazon Link: Link Dialux Compound

Dialux Compound 

Dialux is a polishing compound that you can use on watch cases and bracelets to improve and brighten the finish. There are many colours each doing a different job. I have listed a few of the main ones here. 

Blue – All-purpose compound for all types of metal.

Amazon Link: Link Dialux Compound

Dialux Set 

Here is a good little selection that comprises of a bar of compound for a wide range of metals. The listing itself shows what all the colours are for.  Ideal!

Amazon Link: Link Dialux Set

Felt Pad Set 

This is a good comprehensive set of felt pads (Bobs) that are used on a rotary tool. They come with the screw thread mandrills.  Use these in combination with some polishing compound to achieve fantastic results quickly. See some of my case restoration videos on my channel to see them in action. 

Amazon Link:

Stitched Cotton Mops 

These are the next mop / wheel to use after a felt wheel. Stitched mops are softer than felt but still hard enough for the next step of polishing. 


Cotton Wheels 

If your polishing cases or bracelets then you will need these also. felt bobs are hard and ideal for the first cut but afterwards you should use the stitched and then with a finer compound you need to use a softer material. These layered cotton wheels are what you need.  

Amazon Link: Link Cotton Mops

Soft Cotton Wheels

Exactly what they say they are soft wheels. Use these with the finest grade of compound and as your last polish as these will bring the highest lustre for the most desirable finish. Be warned they can be messy when spinning at first as the cotton is quite dusty! 

Amazon Link: Link Soft Cotton Mops

G-S Cement

This is possibly the best glue I have used in watchmaking. It can be used anywhere including crystals to metal! it has a very fine end applicator for precise placement of the glue.  also is not sticky to your hands and excess can be easily making it the ultimate solution. I highly recommend this product.

Amazon Link: Link: G S Cement Link: G S Cement

Watchmakers Paper

Watchmakers paper is an essential consumable. Eliminates fibre and lint pickup. I use this when drying parts and for coating a film of oil on mainsprings. A box of this will last you forever! Link Watchmakers Paper Link Watchmakers Paper Link

Recommended  eBay Sellers

The Watch Collector

Many of my projects have been bought from this seller.  Based in the Philippines he seems to have an endless supply of scrap Seikos and other brands in various conditions. Most will require allot of work to put right but then that’s the fun part  right?   Very good value if you are looking for a parts watch.  Worldwide shipping.  To the UK it takes around 3 weeks. Link: Thewatchcollector Link: Thewatchcollector


Another great seller of watch projects and parts.  Based in Holland with worldwide shipping you will have no problem with this seller.  I have bought so much from him over the years.  over 10,000 listings so there is a project or a part to suit your requirements here.  My only issue it it takes so long to scroll through all the listings! Link: Speedtimerkollektion Link: SpeedtimerKollektion


To me this is a strange name for a seller but who am I to judge. They are based in Italy and have an absolutely unbelievable range of parts for sale.  I have bought some balances from them and was very pleased with the sericed I received.  A good seller to bookmark if you are looking for watch parts. Link: Garofaloorologisrl Link: garofaloologisrl


haloeight is a guy called Adrian from Vintage Time Australia.  What Adrian does not know about Seiko is not worth knowing.  Great guy, has his own YouTube channel and runs Wrist Sushi forum where I started my journey.  Adrian sells watch parts,  mostly Seiko.  He has some excellent bespoke Seiko movement holders, in particular one necessary for servicing 6139s. Link: Hal0eight Link: Hal0eight


I have bought from this seller a few times. Based in the UK he always lists old broken inexpensive watches that are perfect for restoration projects and beginner watch repairs.

 eBay Link:   djloop79


For all things Seiko then look at Seikosis. A good selection of original parts and he also does the best aftermarket Seiko dials you will ever find online.

eBay Link Seikosis


Watchgecko make some really good straps and bracelets. Check them out!

eBay Store Link Watchgecko