Seiko 6119-7460

March 26, 2020

I loved restoring this Seiko 6119-7460. I was tasked with this challenge by a member of my Facebook group (Retro & vintage watches & Restorations)  It was a non runner and in need of a complete overhaul.  Once the caseback was removed I soon realised why this was not running.  Someone, presumably a previous owner had literally poured oil all the way through the movement in the hope that would get it working again. Sadly it did’t and left me with hours of work but eventually it ran again and ran very well.  I then cleaned the dial and replaced the crystal with an aftermarket one which was hard to source.  Highly polished the bezel and brushed finish re-applied to the case top. Sides were polished and then bracelet refinished.   The end result was staggering even for me.  I was very pleased and so was the customer!   I have now managed to obtain another one for restoration for my own personal collection. 

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