Seiko 6119-7183 (1972)

October 7, 2020

Here is another one to gain entry into my collection. I was actually gifted this one from a subscriber on my YouTube channel. A lovely Seiko 6119.

I love these movements, the 6119 was the first movement I ever serviced.

This one was not running well at all and the crystal was all fogged up with something. It found its way to my bench recently to get life finally brought back into it.

Under the foggy crystal was a nice white dial, some age patina but that just adds to the charm. What I really like is the separate day and date windows and that unusual red second hand which I suspect has been added at some point. Probably genuine Seiko but not for this watch ( I could be wrong)

The Stripdown did not show any signs of trouble, the movement was actually quite clean. What I found was an English / Thai day wheel which I have never seen before so that was a nice find. The caseback suggested only one service since 1972! whoever had done it did not put the C clip that holds the day wheel on the right way meaning this proved difficult to remove. The C clip has a bevelled edge which will sit at the top allowing you to get a small screwdriver under to remove. Put on the wrong way you have to us a razor blade or similar to get underneath.

Here are the stripdown photos.

The service went well and now its running nicely.

So here it is, a July 1972 vintage Seiko and another watch saved.

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