Seiko 6119-6023

March 31, 2020

This Seiko 6119-6023 dates at 1974 and had been through the wars, turned out the be an epic project.  Bought from a usual seller in the Philippines for $20 it was in a hell of a state, I could see nothing of the dial in the photos but took a chance anyway as the 6023 are a very nice and collectable Seiko.  Once arrived I soon realised that the dial was in poor condition, I searched the world for a replacement but could not find any unfortunately. I decided to restore the watch anyway as a challenge.  Movement was simple enough, helps that I love the 6119 movement. This one had some issues including a dial shim on top of the barrel seeing as there was so much wear!  Anyway some parts were changed but it was soon running well.  I then restored the case which was very hard as it was so bad if looked like it had been shotblasted! hours of sanding and polishing brought back the polished sides and ends (helped by lapping) the turned front face I replicated by using scotchbrite in a block moving in an ark. the end result was not perfect but as good as I could get.  I then decided to relume the dial, I had not done this before but tried. I also made a video of this for the channel. Link below.   once done I was then forced to purchase new hour and minute hands as the old ones could not be saved.   New crystal to complete the build.   I am very satisfied with this one,  although not a good looker due to the dial as a test piece to see how much I could do this turned out to be very satisfying!

Dial Relume Video 

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