Seiko 6119-5400

March 23, 2020

I bought this interesting retro watch for pennies. I have included the original eBay image in the carousel so show the condition. This one dates at 1971 so is as of writing this nearly 50 years old!

The reason to purchase was to maybe salvage parts and to practice restoring. Once started though I had to take back to original as the dial was in perfect condition.  A new crystal was fitted and I stripped the gold coloured plating off as it was flaking and ground the top face to produce the machining lines what would have been on the original. 

It is a brass case underneath so I put new finishes on the top and polished the ends. I then had to spray with clearcote to seal it all in otherwise the brass would eventually tarnish.

Although it rarely gets worn I like it just for the sense of achievement of what can be done with a watch

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