Orient 46941

March 31, 2020

What a lovely Orient watch this is, picked up at the local watch fair in a broken junk box for little money. I first noticed the facet crystal that was unmarked and that nice almost two tone dial.  it was a non runner, crown was hanging out and would not go back in.  I stripped it all back for a service and noticed that the quickset day lever was broken so I had to source one of them.  Movement is practically the same as a Seiko 7### probably because Seiko own Orient.  Once cleaned and rebuilt it ran awful on the timegrapher, three cleaning cycles later and after removing the shock jewel setting and washing separate it finally gave me some better numbers that I could live with. Also needed a new balance as the original just would not run right.   Finished watch to me is another stunner and represents that classic 70s look that Japanese watches had in that era. 

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