Trafalgar Radio Watch

July 5, 2020

Here we have a funny one, I bought this as a non runner for £13.00  just so I could have a look at it as I do plan to sell on.  It was not working but photos showed it to be in good condition.  When it arrived I opened up the battery hatch and saw no corrosion so tried a battery to be sure.  It didn’t work… 

Reading the print on the case back clearly this watch required two batteries, one for the watch and one for the radio! 

I removed the caseback to find the “hidden” battery.  there was some corrosion but nothing that worried me so I cleaned it all off with a fibre pen and alcohol and installed the correct battery before closing the back on it once again. 

I was able to test the radio when I found some old mono earphones. It was actually pretty good and I got good reception to a few AM channels.

I have since sold this watch as it was just a bit of fun to fix.

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