Seiko M159-5028

July 7, 2020

Here is a nice early Seiko digital an M159-5028  from 1977!  I found this one in the summer of 2019 at a local watch fair.   It was running but looked a bit battered and had what I thought was de-lamination on the screen insert.  I paid a whopping £20.00 for it (which is a bargain even in this state)  Took it home and then realised the de-lamination was in fact a liquid stuck between the glass and the insert.  I tried many things such as soaking in alcohol to compressed air but nothing would shift it.  I attempted to remove the crystal but it broke so I put it in my failed pile and there is sat for 4 months until a chance conversation with a friend revealed that he could get a crystal for it ( I had tried and failed to find one) 

When the glass turned up I decided to refinish all the case, polished the top and a tiny lip at the sides and brushed finish on everything else.   Crystal just presses in so was easy work.  Now I have another nice front pusher early digital Seiko to add to the collection. 

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