Seiko A159-5019

July 4, 2020

Here is possibly my most like new condition Seiko digital watch.  The model is A159-5019. Most of these early digitals had 5### numbers.  5001,5009, 5019 etc.  the 5019 it would seem was always the top of that range having a few more design features.  Typically they came with much better bracelets like this two tone one, their cases were also slightly better looking.   I was lucky to stumble across this one which came with box and papers. It must have sat somewhere for 30 years untouched, unfortunately the battery had done its worst and ruined the circuit board.  I was fortunate to purchase a battered but working donor, the A159 module is quite common fortunately so I did not pay much for it.    Now I have a lovely almost perfect example of this model.  Pictures I believe speak for themselves.

After about a year of owning this one the module failed again…. took another few months to find another donor module to keep this one alive.

One of my favourite digital watches in my collection.

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