Seiko A134-5000

May 6, 2020

This Seiko A134-5000 dates from 1979 and has been my biggest challenge on an LCD watch to date.  This came in a job lot of Seiko’s I bought and was not working. There was extensive battery leakage corrosion to the extent that one of the battery terminals had corroded so badly that it had come detached from the module. 
I spend hour on this thing. First of all cleaning all the corrosion under magnification, I then found that one of the tracks for the LCD screen was damaged.   I fixed that rather crudely with some silver conductive paint. 
I then used a soldering iron to attach the contact.  Once I had positive continuity through it I rebuilt the watch and it was working!  
I then stripped it all back down again and cleaned the speaker and grill,  then re-finished the whole case. 
The end result was pleasing and would be perfect if I can ever find a donor crystal. 

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