Seiko 0439-5007

July 7, 2020

This is a nice example of an early Seiko digital, most if not all of the early models had the pushers at the front. This one is a 1976 version.  I paid £20.00 for it at a local watch fair, it was working but would need some attention. (See photos, also bought at the same time as the M159)

It took months to find a new old stock crystal and was one of the hardest crystals I have ever fitted mainly due to the stretched gasket I had to use.  I refinished the case and bracelet to bring it back to a usable condition.   Like all of the front pusher Seiko’s I absolutely love them. 

The case finishing really does bring this one back to life. What I really need to do is mirror polish the centre links on the bracelet as this is how it would have left the factory . I now want to also find the more rarer lemon face version.

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