Sandoz LCD

April 6, 2020

Here is a lovely gold Sandoz LCD Chronograph Swiss watch.  This has to be my favourite lcd watch I have. A non runner it came to me in good condition and in its original box!  downside was it would not work and had a large deep scratch on the screen.  I dismantled the movement and cleaned everything except the rubber screen contacts which looked to be glued on and I did not want to chance taking them off.  On rebuild it still would not work but the light would.  I did my now infamous trick of keeping it in my pocket.  5 hours later it fired up and has not stopped working since!    the screen was the biggest challenge to me as it is made of mineral crystal glass rather than the easier acrylic material.  I used cerium oxide powder and 6.3. & 1 micron diamond lapping pastes on a hard felt wheel using my rotary tool.  I had to stop every 1 minute to let the glass cool as I didnt want to take a chance of it overheating and cracking as a replacement would be impossible.  The end result speaks for itself.     

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