Seiko H448-500A

July 3, 2020

This slim watch is a Seiko H448-500A from 1991.  Another watch that came from my big haul of Seiko non runners.  I wanted to prove a point with this one in getting it fixed.  I could after a clean of the board get some activity on the lcd screen but it was all mixed an made no sense whatsoever.  I set a eBay search alert for any Seiko H448 and sure enough a month later one broken one popped up.  It was a different case design but the module was the same.  This one the lcd was working but the analogue not.  I swapped out the circuit board and put it in the one I wanted and I got some movement. Problem was I was missing a stem for the analog part and these, like most quartz watches the analog will not work without a stem and crown.  I sourced a new stem (donor was too short) once fitted the whole watch sprung into life and its now working as it should.  Quite an interesting little piece with a charm all of its own.  Nice and thin and with a chrono, alarm, day date and dual time its packed with all the features of that era. 

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