Seiko H239-502B

July 3, 2020

Here is another example of the Seiko H239 module “robot” watch.  this one has the same module as my white one but a different dial layout.  Now looks to have a large speaker on the left.  This is a dummy design other than the speaker is beneath the disguise on the board, sound travels up a tube and the glass has a small hole with a rubber perforated cover where the sound expels.   Cool classic 80s Seiko, this one dating from 1981.   Module works perfectly so this one just needed allot of cosmetic work.  Watch absolutely stunk of old man and was disgustingly dirty.   1.1/2 hours in the ultrasonic with high level of detergent shifted the DNA !  after that it was just a restoration of  the case and bracelet to apply original finishes both brushed and polished.

End result is a fantastic example and another one saved! 

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