Citron SpaceSonic

July 5, 2020

This Citron watch is a homage to the iconic Catena Spacesonic watch that I believe was from the 70s.  The Citron is a more recent 90s creation and a nod to that original design.  Both the Citron and the Catena are rare watches in their own right with the Catena being faked also as they are worth upwards of £350.00 if you can find one. 

I saw this Citron come up on eBay and I had to buy it.  The watch arrived and it had problems. screen was not lighting up properly and the backlight was not working.  I had to tinker with this for many hours before it showed signs of life and even then it still ran -20seconds per minute!!   I later found out that the two white pieces of paper (shown in photo) were not supposed to be inside the watch so removed them and now it works fine.   Backlight was an easy fix, just turned around the incorrectly fitted zebra strips. 

This one is definitely staying in the collection as I just love it. 

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