Casiotron S14 1XS

July 3, 2020

This watch was an unbelievable find although not working for £16 I rose to the challenge.  These are notoriously difficult to fix as they are on a ceramic board which is susceptible to damage from acid or wrong battery being installed and cracking the board.  I had nothing to go on with the eBay listing other than not working.  I took a chance…    Teardown was easy enough as not much holds these together.  board and circuity looked okay but the bottom negative contact that is printed to the board was corroded to the point of missing.  I did not think I could fix it at this point but thought what the hell I’d still give it a go.  I stripped off all the corrosion and then repainted under my microscope.    It took 3 layers but eventually it  looked good enough.  I installed a battery and nothing…..    I left the battery in all night and in the morning to my surprise it had fired up!!  took a long time to work out how to set the time as its not obvious, nether to use all the functions! 

upon wearing I would find it would either go off all together or reset.  I could not remedy this problem but eventually it seems to have calmed down and does not do it so often now.   (only on wearing too) 

Great chunky early watch from Casio and worthy of a place in the collection. 

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