Casiotron 76CS-41

July 2, 2020

This is my first Casiotron.  Casiotron’s were some of the first digital watches made by Casio this one dates from 1977.  This was a good find, bought from a member in my Facebook group as a non running watch I found inside the usual battery corrosion which I successfully cleaned.  When I fitted the battery it still refused so in desperation I left the battery in and put the watch in my pocket ( a trick I have learnt) sure enough  a few hours later it was working. 

This Casiotron 76CS-41  has some interesting features for its reduced size.  firstly the seconds are represented by back markers that flash and stay lit per 10 seconds and fill across the screen. I have never seen this before and it is rather cool .  Secondly it has a stopwatch or dual time function that is not obvious and I only found it through playing with the buttons. Like a Citizen I have (also on this page)  this watch is either a dual time or a Stopwatch. It cannot be both. 

Very nice bracelet sets it off. Classic LCD look but with a bit more quality than later models I feel. 

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