Waltham Watch

September 16, 2020

Here is a lovely vintage Waltham, not an American version but the Swiss derivative that does have some connection to the original iconic American watchmakers. This one dates from the 1960s and is powered by a FHF76 17 jewel Swiss movement, probably made in their millions but a well designed and durable movement nether the less.

Bought in a job lot of watches and this was not the one I was after but I decided to restore it as it clearly looked like it had some potential.

I filmed all of this restoration for my YouTube Channel that you can watch here should you wish to see it all.

It was a fairly easy one this, movement because of no day / date makes it less complicated. There were a lot of rusty parts..

I was able to remove most of this by hand but pitting remained. Really I should have replaced these but not wanting to spend any money on this one I would make to. I sadly did not take any photos of the cleaned parts but they did look much better.

Here is the watch after all the work. It runs very well and has over 48 hours of power in one wind which for its age is a great achievement.

A rose gold plated case.

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