Straton Syncro

March 9, 2020

The Straton Syncro is a brand new watch with a very 70s driving inspired retro design. This is only the second watch I have bought from brand new and I think the reasons are clear as to why.  Straton is a Kickstarter company with excellent customer service and amazing designs.  This watch is a meca-quartz movement that delivers the accuracy of a quartz watch whilst retaining the smooth tick appearance of a mechanical movement.  As the watch is a chronograph the second hand ticks when the pusher is depressed  to use as a stopwatch function. 

As I bought this on a Kickstarter campaign   I was able to choose my case size, dial colour and choice of bezel all making it much more of a personal configuration and a wonderful marketing tool.

Watch came with a signed mesh bracelet and the blue racing leather strap.  Also delivered with its own travel case which then contained two racing inspired nato straps and a springbar tool. 

If you like the look then please checkout their site here:

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