Sicura Alarm Watch

July 26, 2020

Here is a lovely example of a mechanical alarm watch made by Sicura. This watch was actually a gift from a subscriber, Neil MacKellaig to my YouTube channel. He had followed along to one of my Seiko service series and wanted to thank me so sent me this. He figured it was retro and that I would like it. He was right.

I only have one other mechanical alarm watch which is my Memostar (also made be the Sicura brand) You can find that one on this page also.

I like the big crowns and the blue dial. all very typical of this era. I found this matching Nato strap to complement the colours.

It has a 17 jewel Swiss movement in too which which is great to see. My understanding is other watches like this at the time has less jewelled and inferior movements inside.

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