Rotary Datejust

July 7, 2020

I bought this quartz Rotary way back in 2016 when I was just getting into watches. It was cheap but I always liked the Datejust being a lad in the 80s we all had copies bought on holiday and thought we were kings..

Clearly this is a copy of the Rolex but at least this one is still before Rotary was Chinese as it still says Swiss made on the dial.

watch is fully working but needed a major clean on the bracelet and a polish to the crystal. The Jubilee bracelet makes it very comfortable and shows no sign of fading which is great but I find that unusual.

I was given the opportunity some years later to photo this next to the real one so look at the photos and you too can see the comparison and make your own decision if its a good homage to the icon or just a copycat watch jumping in on the trend of that era.

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