Pobeda Watch

September 15, 2020

This is my first Russian / Soviet watch and will definitely not be my last.

I won this on eBay in August of 2019 and it would take another year before I decided to take a look at it and attempt a fix.

Here are the original eBay listing photos.

I paid a massive £5 for this. Shocking really.

What I found inside was a lovely simple movement that was well made. With a thorough clean life was brought back to this watch. A new crystal as a finishing touch set it off perfectly. I filmed all of this for my YouTube channel which you can watch here.

Further to the video, I could not live with the rate on the timegrapher so had to re-look at this. I ended up removing the balance and hairspring so I could get to the shock jewel. I cleaned all this up and then finally got a much better and consistent reading on the timergrapher.

Here is a few photos of the finished watch.

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