July 26, 2020

This is a Helvetia watch, A very good Swiss brand that has allot of history. I was told by a watchmaker many years ago that he regarded this brand higher than the Omega’s of the time. He found the movements a better design and just as well made. Omega became the famous brand and Helvetia did not.

I was able to pick up this example for £20 on eBay back in 2019 . Plan was to film a series on the movement but I accidentally broke the pallet fork pivot on disassembly. Saddened as a replacement would cost more than I paid for the watch . Fortunately a good friend who is also a pro watchmaker fixed this for me and in doing so also serviced the movement! he had forgotten that I was filming it.

However the end result is a truly wonderful looking patina watch. Dial is very rough like someone has cleaned it with scotchbite, but the beauty lies inside. Just look at the rose gold colouring to this movement. Incredible and I only wished they did clear display backs to show it off.

I have put it on this khaki coloured nato, for some reason I like the look of classic vintage dress watches on nato straps.

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