Citizen 67-9054

September 14, 2020

This Citizen is a stunning watch and rarely found with such a good bezel . The bezel is printed on and it wears around the edges badly over years of wear. I have had these on my radar for a while, they come in blue and green versions.

I was offered this one from a friend in the Facebook Group and had to snap it up. A big purchase for me but worth every penny. I was feeling flush after having a good month of servicing other peoples watches.

Just look at it! has an iridescent dial too so it changes colour in different light conditions.

Powered by the 8110 chronograph movement which is superb and classed as a high beat due to its 28,000 vph rate. Same movement that is in the Citizen Bullhead. Boasts a 12 hour chronograph which a the time was amazing stuff. Competing with the iconic Seiko 6139 & later 6138 movements. Despite being a bit Seiko fan boy I have to say I do think this movement is better.

This one came with a few problems, nothing major but it required me to re-fix the crown to the stem and tackle the chrono hour counting hand. Someone had repainted the hand and really badly. Also the seconds chrono hand was not returning to 12 on flyback. This problem was fixed just by removing and resetting the hand.

The hour recording I removed but as I did so the hand came off but the tube stayed on the wheel pivot! I Started to think this was why it was painted badly, a botch fix if you will.

I removed the dial and was able to lever the tube from the pivot. I had to press it back into the hand using my staking set. Nervous moments as it was so small and lining it up was quite hard for me but I did it in the end.

Next was to remove the paint so a soak in nail polish remover sorted that, I then noticed damage to the hand where someone had levered it off before and bent it up around the sides of the hole. Some fettling later I had improved things.

I repainted with Hubrol White Enamel model paint. Two coats and 24 hours between each to cure. End result is pleasing.

So happy to have this one and like all of my watches it will be treasured.

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