Camy Mumbai Special

July 24, 2020

Well this is an interesting one and I figured it should be included in the website collection.

This is a “Mumbai Special” watch. Basically a watch from India that as been put together with random parts.

I bought this back in 2016 when I was very new to watches / watch restoration. It was listed as a vintage watch and I figured it looked in good condition. I did not know much, if anything about watches at the time. I paid £13.00 uk pounds for this which really is nothing.

I liked the textured dial and matching strap. Soon after posting it on forums and Facebook groups I soon realised that I had bought a watch that was not completely honest.

It then sat in a drawer for 4 years until July of 2020 when I decided to make a video on this watch for YouTube, It makes for an interesting discussion which you can watch by clicking this link:

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