Bulova Accutron 218

August 27, 2020

Here is one of my Bulova Accutron 218. This is my first one and was given to me by a friend Peter Hurst in the Facebook Group. I had done some repairs for him and he sent this one to me as a thanks. It was not working and he had no means to fix it. I looked at this many times over around a year but I knew nothing about them and heard they were very tricky to work on, sensitive and fragile.

I do not like to be beaten by a watch and this one was not going to beat me. I knew that when a battery was fitted it would hum but not run. So one night I thought what the heck lets take it apart. So I stripped down the dial side which was quite scary at first as there was a few easily lost springs to deal with. once most parts were off I found allot of old oil by the cannon pinion wheel. I cleaned all this off and in doing so thought this could be the reason for it stopping. I still was not confident on the movement side so rebuilt the dial side back and on pushing the crown back in the watch fired up! I was so happy.

I have since learned how to service a 218 as I a few months later acquired a few Citizen Hisonic’s which also run on 218 Accutron movements. They were in far worse state. I did however find that apart from being fiddly to work on they are actually quite simple. I now am very confident on this movement to the point of taking on some outside work to fix other peoples Accutron.

Thie watch is cool in that it has a display back so you can see the movement in all its glory. This is not factory so at some point someone has retro fitted this.

I really like this watch, the look and the achievement in fixing a new genre of watch i’d not worked on before.

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