A Special Rotary

July 13, 2020

This watch is a very special one for me because it was my father-in-law’s watch. I remember my wife buying this for him. We were both in the shop trying to choose and this was before I knew anything about watches. We decided on this as it had a classic look to it and an automatic movement with a display back to show off the movement. I had never seen this before but liked it allot. My wife took note and by my birthday she had bought be the Tissot you can see on this page. Both of these watches were the spark for my interest into watches so in many respects this watch was the beginning of it all.

Mr Stanislav Kroupa was a nice man, we did not speak the same language but were able to communicate via alcohol surprisingly easily. I have great memories of this man and its a shame he was taken way from my wife so early. He will never be forgotten than this watch will symbolise that every time I look at it or wear it.

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